Moving is stressful, whether you are moving two blocks or hundreds of miles away from your current house. As hectic and confusing as this time is for you, just imagine what your kids are thinking and feeling about the impending move.

Do not overlook their anxiety. It may lead to adjustment issues and outbursts of bad behavior once the move is completed and into the near future. Here are some tips on how to help your kids through this time and create a smooth transition to help them ease into their new community.

1. Discuss the move with your children

Talk with your kids about where and when you are moving in an age-appropriate way. Encourage them to voice their concerns, feelings and fears to you, so you can address all issues. To get them to open up, try to let them know that you had some jitters, too. That way they know that what they are feeling is a normal thing.

An open conversation goes a long way to dissolve any reservations that your children may have about leaving their friends, school, church and neighborhood behind on the move, especially when it is a long-distance one.

2. Contact the kids’ present school for their records

Be certain to collect the kids’ educational records from their present school to ensure an easy transition to the new one. Don’t wait till the last minute. You should plan well in advance just as you are with other aspects of the move so the kids do not have an interruption in their school schedules.

Transferring records and children from one school to the next is not a as easy as making a phone call or filling in some online forms. There is a process that could take weeks to complete.

3. Research the registration dates for the new school

If moving in the summer, research the registration dates of your children’s new school. If the school is not in session, contact the school board in the area. Tell the children that they will be able to sign up for school and take them on a tour of the school.

4. Once you move, explore the community as a family

After the move is complete, explore the new community as a family. Discover where the parks, pools, restaurants, movie theaters and other venues are, so that the children do not feel disconnected from their different surroundings.

By including the kids in on the move in a positive manner, it will lower their stress and make them excited about their new life in their new home.

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4 easy tips for moving with children

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