When moving to a new home, make sure to take time to help pets acclimate to a new environment to make life easier for you and for the animals. Each pet will adjust differently to a move, but here are a few tips to make the adjustment simpler.

Tip one: Buy a pet carrier

If you are traveling in a vehicle, purchase a comfortable pet carrier for a dog or cat. Place favorite toys nearby to reduce an animal’s anxiety, and take time to stop during long trips to give your pet water and small amounts of food. Have a leash ready at rest stops to give your pet a short walk.

For airline travel, select an approved carrier several weeks before the move and permit a pet to sleep inside it to reduce the animal’s fears.  

Tip two: Take short trips first

Pets that rarely travel in a vehicle may not enjoy the experience. This is why you should take short trips first. Begin with fast trips to a park or grocery store before taking your pet on longer trips along busy highways.

Place a pet in a carrier that is going to be used for the move to help the animal become accustomed to the carrier. While this requires a lot of preplanning, it provides benefits on the actual moving day.

Tip three: Does a pet need medication?

Some pets have problems with traveling in vehicles or airplanes and will bark constantly or act out by biting despite having a loving personality. When an animal cannot cope with traveling, it is time to seek assistance from a veterinarian who can prescribe medication to relax a pet for a few hours.

Tip four: Using multiple pet carriers

Do not try to squeeze several animals into one pet carrier on a long road trip because it is never safe while traveling. The animals may begin to snarl, scratch and bite each other due to the crowded conditions.

Tip five: Have pets visit a new home first

When it is possible to bring a pet along for a visit to a new home, it an make moving day easier. In many cases, this is only possible for short distance moving in Oklahoma City, but taking the dog for a walk or carrying a cat around its new environment makes the moving day less traumatic for an animal.

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Acclimating your pet to your new home

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