The experience you have when moving is somewhat dependent on how well you prepare for the move. Taking things with you that you will not need at your new place can simply make the move more difficult and more expensive. You’ll may also find yourself looking for ways to dispose of those items or rent a place to store those items once you arrive at your new destination. Selling furniture before you move is a smart way to make the move less stressful and less costly.

Assess the furniture you have and determine what will or will not work in your new place. Once you’ve done that, you can begin trying to sell what you don’t want to take to the new home. Many people find online selling to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to dispose of items they no longer want or need.

If you have the opportunity to start selling furniture well ahead of moving day, you might want to take your furniture to a consignment store. In this type of location, your furniture will be seen by shoppers who are in the market for good quality, used furniture at a reasonable price.

Lots of people watch for ads or posted signs that advertise a moving sale in Edmond. Having a yard sale or garage sale is a great way to make a little money and get a lot of items out of your way before moving day. Buyers expect you to be willing to negotiate since they know you aren’t interested in taking your yard sale items with you. Furniture will sell, but flexibility is essential if you want to end the day with an empty yard or garage.

You can use social media to get the word out to friends and family that you have some furniture for sale. You never know when someone might be redecorating or moving themselves and need to acquire some furniture at a bargain price.

There are Facebook groups in your area where people buy and sell furniture. These groups work with people posting pictures and prices of their furniture and the buyer claims the item in the comments. The 1st person to claim the item gets the item.

These groups are moderated and if a member claims an item but doesn’t buy, they are banned from the group. The ensures the person who claims your piece of furniture will indeed buy it. Search Facebook for local sale groups to find those in your area.

As a last resort, you might want to visit a local flea market to see if a vendor there would be interested in buying all of the furniture you want to sell. You probably won’t get a high price by selling this way, but you’ll be relieved of the burden of OKC moving or storing it.

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Junk in your trunk? How to sell furniture before you move

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