Moving can be stressful and physically demanding. You can prevent injuries by taking precautions and following proper lifting procedures. Planning a move ahead of time can also limit stress and make the move much easier on both your mind and body. Below are some tips to help you avoid injuries while moving.

Plan Ahead And Organize Your Move

By planning your move beforehand you can limit the amount of stress you will have. You are less likely to make mistakes such as dropping a box or forgetting something when your mind is at ease. Organizing your move can involve marking your packages. Boxes can be labeled fragile, light or heavy so you know that certain precautions need to be taken when moving them.

You can also arrange the boxes in neat rows or stacks so that you can easily grab them and take them out to a truck or van. Having boxes scattered all over the house will increase strain and make the move go much more slowly. Organizing and planning your move will not only make your move go by faster, but it will also reduce the strain on your body, limiting the chance of developing an injury.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques And Equipment When Moving Boxes And Objects

You can greatly reduce the likelihood of getting injured by using proper techniques when lifting objects. Bend your knees when picking something up, and keep your back straight. Use your legs to lift the object and not your back. Move slowly when carrying objects and hold the objects close to yourself when you are transporting them. Don’t carry multiple items at once. This increases the likelihood of the objects falling and you are putting extra strain on yourself.

If an object is too heavy for you to carry get someone to help you or use equipment such as a dolly. Dollies are incredibly useful because you easily move heavy objects without having to carry them around. You can even stack several boxes on top of each other and secure them with a strap on a dolly. Then just cart them to your truck and load them on. If there are handles or grips on the item you are transporting, then use it. It should make moving the object easier in Edmond.

Have A Clear Path To The Vehicle And Your New Home When Moving

Make sure you have a clear route to the truck or van when you are moving items from your old home. Watch out for tripping hazards such as wires and slipping hazards such as wet floors. If the ground is wet or a floor is slippery consider putting mats or cloths on them so you have a stable and dry surface. This will help prevent falls. Wear tight-fitting shoes that cover your toes and avoid wearing shirts or sweaters that can get snagged on boxes. If there are objects blocking your route, remove them if possible.

Hiring A Moving Company

The easiest way to avoid injuries is by hiring a OKC moving company to move your possessions for you. Even if you decide to move your items on your own, you may still want to hire moving professionals to move heavy objects such as beds, furniture, and electronics.

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Keep It Safe: How To Avoid Injuries While Moving

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