Think about your new space, group things together — and clearly label!

Whether you’re packing up a small apartment or a large family home, the same approach can be taken to ensure your belongings end up in a logical spot in your new home. There are three basic fundamentals to packing:

  • Think about your new space
  • Group things together
  • Clearly label

Think about your new space

The average person will pack up one room at a time, but what if the home you’re moving to has a different number of bedrooms, bathrooms or closets? What if you’re giving up an office for a new family room? If you start by packing up your current home, room by room, how will you ensure your bulk printer paper makes it to your new basement and your scotch tape, scissors and pens go to the kitchen? The answer is to think ahead and pack according to your new space! It’s not all that hard, since most rooms should exist in both of your homes. As you’re packing each room, think about where you’ll want each item in your new home, and box them accordingly. Which leads us to the next point…

Group things together

You may want to organize your new home differently, so it’s helpful to group similar things together, even if you didn’t store them together in your current home. For example, put all of your off-season clothes, shoes and jackets together. You won’t need any of those items for a least a few months, so it will likely be easier to pack them all together and possibly keep them in one place at your new home, until you need them and can swap them for your current season clothes. This also works well for paper goods, for example, which you might have spread throughout your home, charging cords and any other generic items that could live in multiple places in your home, and could easily get lost in a catch-all box during the move.

Clearly label

labeled moving boxes

Finally, the last step to effectively packing is clear labeling. It’s tempting to just write the name of the room the box came from on the top of the box, but it’s not very helpful when unpacking or, more importantly, when you’re looking for something you can’t find. But, if you followed the first two packing tips, you already have the two things you need in order to label each box clearly: the name of the new room or space the box should go to, and what’s inside. So those winter clothes, shoes and jackets should be labeled, “Basement – Tommy’s Winter Clothes” clearly on the front of the box using a dark colored marker. Why not the top of the box? If boxes get stacked, you won’t be able to see the label. And while there’s four sides to every box, you’re still more likely to see the label if it’s on the side than the top.

Hopefully these moving tips help you to pack (and unpack) your home successfully.

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Moving tips: effective packing strategies

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