Although you’ve shared many happy memories in your old home, it’s now time to sell it.  You’ve packed up your belongings, called in the movers and settled into your new place.  But one issue still remains – how to get your old home to smell like a new home?

Maybe those old, comfortable odors are part of what made your house a home, but the new owner is looking forward to making a fresh start, and that starts with a home that has a clean, fresh smell.  Below are a few tips to help getting your old home to smell fresh, clean, and ready to sell:

Curtains and drapes

Fabrics are particularly susceptible to absorbing odors over time.  If you’re leaving behind your old curtains and drapes, these will need to be thoroughly cleaned.  If this job is too difficult, you can take them to your preferred dry cleaner or other specialty fabric cleaner.

Carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs have spent years absorbing spills, odors, and other smells.  A normal vacuuming and cleaning won’t do. You’ll have to use a professional-grade carpet cleaning machine or else call in the professionals to shampoo, steam and thoroughly remove every trace of odor.


Linoleum is essentially a plastic mat that covers over another surface.  Over time, liquids, food crumbs, and other items can make their way underneath the linoleum, carrying with them their own special odor.  

While cleaning the surface of the linoleum might be sufficient to give the room a fresh, clean smell, in some cases you may have to lift up or temporarily remove the linoleum to give the subsurface flooring a thorough cleaning.

Hardwood floors can sometimes hide pockets of odors, particularly from spills that seep through the top layer and into the subflooring.  Pet accidents, in particular, can soak into the subflooring, leaving a lasting odor that the next owner of your house won’t find endearing. 

Luckily, professional carpenters and flooring experts can often remove just the affected area of soiled flooring and sanitize and de-odorize the affected areas without costing you an arm and a leg.

Ceilings and walls

Smoke, grease and other airborne odors rise up and collect on ceilings and in the corners of rooms.  Before attempting to sell your home, give all of your walls and ceilings a thorough washing.  You can use professional cleansing agents or try all-natural odor absorbers like baking soda mixed with vinegar.

Airing out

You might remember your grandmother speaking of “airing out” a home.  That advice still holds true for making sure you remove any and all lingering odors.  Once your house is clean, open every window, door, and other opening to the outside and allow fresh air to circulate inside for at least six hours or longer.

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New home smell – Getting your old home to smell like a new home to sell it

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