Have you ever seen someone rushing to put all of their belongings in boxes and packing them into a moving truck? It’s likely that the individual had to move with little time to prepare or plan. The next natural question is: Why would someone do that?

In reality, there are several reasons why this could happen. It could be that that person was evicted and was given only a couple of weeks to gather their belongings and move elsewhere; it could also be that they were suddenly laid off and they needed to move to a different location in order to find jobs that were available in a different area. It could simply be that they were procrastinating or busy and did not have the time to pack all of their belongings in a timely fashion.

Regardless of why it happens, it happens, and it may just happen that you will find yourself in such a situation one day. If this defines your current situation, or you find yourself in this situation later in life, here are some tips to help move on a short notice.

Don’t pack everything

It sounds counterintuitive, but packing everything you own is not the best way to move in a hurry. Chances are you have a lot of junk and a lot of things you simply no longer use.

Before packing anything, go room by room and gather everything you no longer use. Throw it all in the middle of the floor in each room. Once you have done this in all the rooms of your home, go back through the rooms with two sets of bags.

In one bag or set of bags), bag up all the items that are in good condition. In another bag, place all the junk. Take the bags of decent items you no longer use or have need of, and donate them to charity. For the junk, simply put it out with the trash.

At this point, you should have a lot less left to pack. You may find that, if you go through each room a second time, you will find even more items you do not really need to take to your new home.

Use colors for organization

Color is the key to organization. Color-coding your boxes or the tape that you use with them helps with remembering which boxes came from which rooms.. It’s very easy to forget that organization is important when moving in Norman – and, if you are moving in a rush, you want to make extra precautions that you won’t drive yourself crazy!

Invest in a moving company

While it may suffice to bring your friends over and bribe them with pizza and beer, professional OKC movers can have you moved out more efficiently and quickly than the average person. Since this is what they do for their living, they know how to coordinate the the tasks to speed up the packing and moving time.

A professional moving company can make sudden moving less painful and even stress-free. Call City Moving and Storage for a free quote and see how we can help with your move or relocation.

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How to move in a hurry

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