Change of address

Once you know what your new address will be, it’s important that you submit an address change request form with the U.S. Post Office so that your mail will be appropriately forwarded. For your convenience, you can submit the change of address form online – as long as you don’t mind paying one dollar and five cents.

Change of address procedure

The process is simple. Head here to read the privacy act statement and privacy policy. Once you acknowledge that, you can let the post office know if your move is permanent or temporary, with “temporary” meaning less than twelve months. You’ll also need to let them know if just you are moving or your entire household.

Choose a start date, knowing that it may take up to ten days for all to be processed. List your current address and your new address, and then pay $1.05 via a credit card associated with your current address. This is how the U.S. Post Office verifies your identity – and they promise an immediate email so you know that the change of address request was received.

If it bothers you to pay the $1.05, then you can fill out a form manually at your nearest branch of the post office. By following this simple procedure, your mail will be forwarded for six months. Then, if you are still getting mail from your previous address, you can request a six-month forwarding extension. According to the U.S. Post Office website, when you submit your address change online, you’ll also get access to more than $500 in coupons.


moving tips: address change
Hopefully they’ve submitted the change of address request!

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Moving tips: submit your address change request online

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